About Us

Our story

365 Ecology is an integrated One Stop Shop engineering solutions house specialized in energy efficient cooling and heating solutions including and not limited Variable refrigerant flow Air Conditioning, Solar Water Heating, Heat pump, desert coolers and indirect evaporative cooling. Unlike most clean technology companies, we tend to focus on achieving energy savings via introducing a top notch technology of energy efficient systems.

We offer a broad spectrum of services to make sure that your project is being effectively managed from start to finish and your energy needs are met. As we go into full force we start with evaluating your current energy consumption practices and needs in order to design a system that works best with your lifestyle in terms of being both energy-efficient and cost-effective while taking care of supplying and installing cutting-edge energy efficient technology.

Executive Summery

Because we are determined to provide the modern cities and buildings with their needs of cooling and heating solutions using sustainable and renewable integrated solutions that provide the modern life with their thermal comfort needs and preserve our environment resources in the same time, we stablished 365 Ecology.

Who We Are

365 Ecology is a solution provider of energy efficient Air conditioning, cooling and Heating, for homes and businesses. A fully integrated sustainable cooling and heating solutions, 365 Ecology vast lines of businesses include design, engineering, supply and installation of the end to end systems.

What We Do

At 365 Ecology, we tailor the design, supply and install sustainable cooling and heating solutions to meet current and future customer needs. More importantly, we harness our expertise to enable customers to not only understand their need, but actively reduce it in alignment with their lifestyle, which could provide them with top notch technology and help them save money.

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