Ambitions Start


With 1 m width desk at The Greek Campus co-working space Eng. Osama Bekhit founded 365 Ecology with the vision of providing efficient HVAC, solar heating, solar electricity and water recycling solutions using the latest technology to reduce energy consumption, save operational cost and reduce co2 emission. 


After three months of hard working, 365 Ecology awarded its first project, supplying and installing HVAC system for QNB new branch in Aswan using energy efficient technology -LG Multi V – with cooling capacity 50 TR. 

Then 365 Ecology made a historical Partnership with LG to be their solution provider for HVAC energy efficient Multi V line.  


365 Ecology supplied and installed solar heating systems for Habiba, Dayra, Rocksea camps in Nuweiba, South Sinai


Challenging Phase


365 ecology Enrolled at Nawart, renewable energy entrepreneurship support program that is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to contribute to building a Renewable Energy Sector in Egypt



The Central Bank of Egypt announced that it had fully floated the Egyptian pound cause a rise in the price of the equipment but we were committed to the contracts with our clients at pre-flotation prices and delivered the projects with the same quality despite the financial loss.


Rising Together


365 Ecology initiate the building constructions experts to contribute in its initiative “Building of Tomorrow” to change the industry and make a real impact that helps to renew the industry, make an improvement in the market, increase the awareness and enhance the worker’s experience.


365 Ecology awarded Bait Al-Azhar project -A historical palace beside Al-Azhar mosque as the VRF is the most proper efficient HVAC solution for retrofitting historical buildings


Phosphate Misr assigned Supplying and insulting its head office HVAC LG- Multi V system to 365 Ecology. newly constructed building 10,000 sq.mt., consists of 13 floors with 600 TR cooling capacity. 


Awareness Rising


365 Ecology published “Towards Energy Efficient Buildings” E-book, provides guidance on the practical ways its clients in building industry out can reduce energy by good practice design and effective energy management.  

Then sponsored Ashrae Cairo Chapter seminar “Energy Efficient Buildings – Why VRF? to raise the awareness of energy efficient solutions for buildings 


At the closing of International exhibition and conference for refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Thermal Insulation and Energy, 365 Ecology launched an initiative in partnership with BHC consultancy office- to design energy efficient systems for City Stars Menouf project.  


New Products


365 Ecology created a partnership with Sabiana-Italy to serve child water market with energy efficient air handling units  and fan coil units solutions

And to complete the energy efficient solutions profile 365 Ecology made a partnership with Tecnair-Italy to provide special solutions for special applications; computer room air conditioners and surgical room air conditioners.