The Energy Dilemma

What is Energy dilemma?

The change in our world is more profound than ever, and mega trends are taking place that will shape our lives, think about urbanization, as per the UN, Extra 2.5 billion people will hit the cities by 2050, imagine the stress and extra infrastructure, this will require.

Think also about digitization, most probably, you are reading this on your smartphone, this means you are digitized on a way or another. Believe it or not, we download 7 million songs and watch 4 Billion videos on YouTube a day! Not yet convinced, think about industrialization, the global industrial energy use for industrial applications is expecting to double by 2050. So, what is the point?

Clearly, as urbanization, digitization, and industrialization are hitting our world, the thrive for more energy is much needed. Sounds easy, let’s generate more energy.

It is not that easy, energy means more CO2 emissions, for environment concerned organizations and persons, we should reduce carbon dioxide emissions by half immediately, as the climate change and weather turbulences are happening and the impact will not be manageable. Energy, as well, means more investments in a world that are economically suffering, and most of the policy makers focus their spending on other priorities.

Not only this, the available raw materials and what we call fossil fuels are either facing huge inflation or a big scarcity, which simply means we might run out of these resources soon.

So, to make a long story short, the dilemma is here, but the human brain is here too.

The solution doesn’t lie in generating more energy, this is what experts will tell you, instead we will use the term ‘’Energy management’’ as a magic solution to such dilemma.

The term ‘’Energy Management’’ is evolving, and it is not just a broad term to be used in conferences and talks, it is a science, and R&D centers, activists, corporates, governments are seeking ways to best utilize this science. It is not only about renewable energy, but it also compromises the distributed generation, demand response, and machine intelligence.

In our next article, we will zoom on energy management concepts as an innovative way of solving the energy dilemma. It is not about experts or energy activists, energy is a basic human right, without energy, human behavior and interests won’t be the same. Energy is for everyone, everywhere and at every moment.



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