Is it worth it to invest in On-grid Solar System in Egypt?

On-grid solar power system

A grid connected PV system, which uses PV modules to convert the sunshine into electricity and feeds power into the grid via grid connected inverters without battery storage during the process.

The inverter changes the DC electricity generated by solar modules into pure sine wave current which has the same frequency and phases with the grid, the generated power will be sent to the grid. the grid it self may absorb a huge amount of energy, and there will be no need for storage batteries, thus saves the system investment and reduces maintenance cost.

Egypt has witnessed a massive progress and development in the renewable energy field, regarding incentives, laws, and regulations. According to the new Feed-In-Tariff regulation number 1947 for the year 2014, producers of Energy from PV systems get paid for the number of KWH supplied to the Grid via the new special meter. The tariffs for electricity produced from solar energy plants are summarized as the following:

1- Households: EGP 0.848 for each kilowatt (kW) per hour

2- Commercial producers of under 200 kW: EGP 0.901 for each kilowatt (kW) per hour (Low voltage connection)

3- Commercial producers of 200 – 500 kW: EGP 0.973 for each kilowatt (kW) per hour (Low Voltage connection 380 V)

4- Commercial producers of 500 KW – 20 Megawatts (MW): 13.6 cents per kilowatt per hour (Medium voltage connection)

5- Commercial producers of 20 – 50 MW: 14.34 cents per kilowatt per hour (High voltage connection) 5- Commercial producers of 20 – 50 MW: 14.34 cents per kilowatt per hour (High voltage connection)

Using PV-Solar plant Potential

In this part, we will briefly present the potential of the 100 KWp On Grid PV project and its profits.

  • Total Area will be 1000 m2 of a flat surface roof. The next figure describes the grid connection schematic.

Yearly energy yield

The following graphs show the global solar radiation for the factory’s location (calculated using SMA Sunny design software), this will help in our calculation for the ROI. The graph is also showing the temperature ranges to be able to calculate an accurate value for the energy yield.

The total Energy yield is found to be 200 MWh yearly. The plant would cost nearly $143,000 inclusive of system components including PV panels, Inventers, DC cables & mounting systems and installation.Annual sales revenue would be LE 180,200. This translates to a 7% ROI.

Osama Bekhit


Osama Bekhit

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