In Oct 2015 365 Ecology signed a Partnership with LG to be their solutions provider.   

LG Electronics was established in 1958, and has since led the way into the advanced digital era.

LG Air Conditioning Technologies is a leading player in the global air conditioning market with innovative commercial and residential air conditioners and building management solutions. With a robust lineup of ducted and duct-free products, LG enables customers to develop the solution that’s perfectly suited for their project. 

Now, 365 Ecology became the first distributor for LG Multi V line in energy efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC).

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC).

Multi V

Multi V is LG’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. It minimizes efficiency losses and provides sustainable energy benefits. LG Multi V has the lowest life cycle cost of any system on the market today, and LG VRF solutions are widely considered to be among the most versatile and powerful systems in air conditioners.

Multi Split AC

Multi-split offers an efficient solution for single and multi-storey residential units, offices and shops. With its low energy consumption, long piping length and small footprint, LG Multi-split provides a competitive air conditioning solution.

CCD Ceiling Concealed Ducted AC

A split concealed unit with an inverter driven compressor that maximizes the efficiency with a less power consumption, it also provides a wide range of cooling capacities up to 12HP that makes it the optimum solution for commercial and residential buildings as it has the longest piping length, extending up to 50m long.


Single package 

Is a central Air Conditioning unit with a high energy efficiency as it is the only package that mounted with an inverter compressor and it is widely used in the open spaces that requires high cooling capacities such as: Cinemas, open areas in Malls, and conference halls. Additionally, it can be integrated into LG central control solution with VRF.

Hot Water solutions

Hydro kit

The Hydro Kit is a compact and easy to install kit that receives waste heat from the Multi V VRF system. It provides domestic hot water that can be used in: kitchens, bathrooms, floor heating and radiators. Hydro Kit is a high energy efficient product that consumes less energy than boilers.

Sabiana is an Italian company that directly employs more than

180 people, with three factories near Milan on a 50.000 m2

of surface area and a turnover of more than 80 Million Euros, of which over 50%

is in foreign markets.

In the last 5 years, on average, 6% of the turnover was directed toward

investments in the research and development of new production technologies.

85% of the electrical energy consumed is produced by three photovoltaic

systems for an overall of1.36 Megawatts, perfectly integrated in the architectural

structure of the buildings. 365 Ecology created a partnership with Sabiana-Italy to serve child water market with energy efficient air handling units and fan coil units solutions.

Air Handling unit

Since 1990 Sabiana has been producing air handling units with

an air flow of 1.000 to 80.000 m3/h, made to measure according to individual

customer specifications using efficient configuration and selection software.

There are three product lines with single and double panels able to satisfy

air ventilation and climate control needs for every work and living environment It operates using interesting technical solutions capable of reducing

a building’s energy consumption (heat recovery units, inverter-driven motors, and

electronic filters).


Fan coil unit

Sabiana has been making fan coils since 1980;

units that stand out for their attractive design and

very low noise and power consumption, responding to current demand

for energy saving and indoor comfort. In 1994 the company acquired the patent to exclusively

manufacture one of the most innovative components ever developed

for hydronic terminal units.

This unit is still widely used today and is part of a product designed to air-condition a wide variety of different environments, with the result of significantly improving indoor

air quality (IAQ)  by reducing the amount

of outside air needed in the system, hence, decreasing air-conditioning costs.

The name of this electronic filter – Crystall – is quite symbolic,

and is used to identify this specific type of solution.

The LU-VE Group brand is an international reference in the design, production, and marketing of heat exchangers and components for commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and air conditioning. To complete the energy efficient solutions, profile 365, Ecology signed a partnership with Tecnair-Italy to provide special solutions for special applications including: computer room air conditioners and surgical room air conditioners.

The essential features of surgical rooms air conditioners include:

  • The treatment of full fresh air or with partial recirculation.
  • Available static pressure selectable from 250 to 1,000 Pa depending on the type of plant and the need to install absolute filters after the unit.
  • Section for air suction from the rooms, partial recycle or total exhaust to the outside.
  • Static or dynamic management of overpressure or depression in the controlled room compared to a reference environment.


The units are equipped with controls electrical panel, microprocessor and dedicated software. They can be expressly customized for:

General surgery rooms; Orthopedic surgery rooms; Very low-temperature heart surgery rooms; Intensive care units; Biotechnology laboratories, and more.


Close control air conditioners

Since entering the market in 1994, TECNAIR LV (a part of the LU-VE Group) has been increasingly in the forefront, in Europe and in the world, of the “Close Control Air Conditioning” sector.

From the wide range of close control air conditioning systems that Tecnair provides, 365 Ecology works with the P Series, which is suitable for various types of special applications, such as metrology laboratories, TV production studios, recording and conservation rooms for musical instruments, museums and archives, control rooms in power stations and railway junctions. In addition, their application proves ideal for various industrial sectors: optics, electronics, electromedical equipment, production of electrical or electronic equipment, production of musical instruments, etc.