Muhammed Adel

Tecnical Sales Engineer

Mohamed A.Ramadan is an engineer who works for  365Ecology since his graduation in June 2016. He started as a technical office engineer then he worked on the career of Sales in June 2017 until now. Along with a team of sales, he has attained a lot of success. Together they have achieved more than their consistent target at the last two years and they are working to improve themselves regularly to serve their clients well and lead the Market in Building Efficiency Evolution. Their responsibility is to generate new clients and maintain a good relationship with them because they are on the top of their priorities. 365Ecology ranked the first at the last two years and they are working every day to be on top the whole time. That’s why they are continuously standing in front of challenges. Referring that, corporation, integrity, and ownership are Mohamed’s values that he seeks to fulfill with his team. He is trying to remain familiar with everything new about his career as he attends to read from at least one book per month especially at Sales, Self-Development, Novels, and Religion in order to full fill his values. Currently, He Has just started a Sales and Marketing Diploma at ESLSCA, and he’ll join the MBA Program at the end of 2020. When feeling overwhelmed, he exercises to cope with stress and eliminate work pressure. In conclusion, Mohamed believes that Hard-working, continuous learning, and time management are the key to success.

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