Osama Bekhit

Managing Director
Four years ago, Osama made the decision to challenge the status quo and disrupt the industry of buildings’ technologies. His first achievement was finding a group of people who believe in what he believes, who want to turn things to the right direction. They started a business where they could lead the building efficiency evolution to establish a new baseline inside buildings and to tailor efficient, smart, top notch technologies that would help people live and work in better environments.His beliefs come from his long life experience and his values which embrace empowering communities, having futuristic visions, and beingĀ  people centric. Osama has a wonderful talk about: How technology can disrupt the building industry which he performed during the latest ASHRAE conference 2019. In his talk, Osama merged between his business and engineering experience and his knowledge on growing and leading the building efficiency evolution. Making sure to pass on his strategy, he repeats Simon Seink’s quote to his sons: “Surround your self by people who believe in what you believe.”